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    Funny pictures of cats

    Laughter is often said to be food for the soul and some people have truly mastered the art of laughing. If they cannot find something to make them laugh, they will make it up. Recently, pets have been the object of fascination for most people. Cats are especially cute and adorable- and under certain circumstances they can be extremely hilarious. Have you come across those funny pictures of cats that are making rounds on the internet? Aren’t they just humorous? They can put a smile on your face even on a horrible day.

    How did this start?

    People simply started taking amusing or unexpected photos of their pet cats and shared them with their friends via platforms such as email. But the minute social media sites like Facebook and Twitter not to mention Instagram made their way into people’s lives- this sharing went on overdrive. Nowadays, within a matter of minutes one photo can make its way around the world and back. Those random photos became a major source of interest and people would seek every chance they can get to capture those funny pictures of cats and share them around. If you thought Rihanna and Beyonce had followers, you will not begin to imagine just how many people searched for these funny pictures on the likes of Google and Bing. There has been a cult-like group of followers searching on a daily basis for these pictures.

    funny pictures of cats








    How to make the pictures

    Back in the day a camera was the finest thing you could use to create mirthful pictures of your pet cat. However, nowadays even if you have no cat you can still come up with something to make someone, somewhere laugh their head off. There are so many different kinds of pictures. Or rather there are innumerable creative things you can do with your cat to make a droll moment. For instance, dressing up the cat- many people love doing that.

    If you have a cat that you have trained to do some tricks, then you are better off. You can take pictures while it performs and even videos. Some cats are pretty fond of taking up strange positions under certain circumstances. Such pictures will easily pass for excellent funny pictures of cats.

    Finally, you can use programs such as Photo Shop to add captions to a normal picture. Most computers also come with an option that allows you to edit the picture. This way you can make a funny picture more humorous.