Do Not Follow Your Heart – Follow The Conviction


Joshua Bennett outlines the classic three-point conviction by the Holy Spirit on sin, righteousness and judgment:

not realizing that there is not much conviction going on.

Joseph Prince talks about the role of the Holy Spirit:

Ultimately, the ironic statement: “Do not follow your heart. Follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit.”, is problematic because how does one know when the Holy Spirit is convicting him or her? Could it be Satan who is doing the convicting? How does one know the difference?

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It seems that the vast majority of religious believers have issues comprehending the concept of moral guidelines. If you listen to those people, an ethical act is one that adheres to what exactly is found inside the holy bible, regardless if it hurts a fellow individual or even a group of folks as a whole.

There has also been a lot of sickening actions done under the guise of religious belief. However the followers who behaved that way just didn’t believe for a second whether their actions are morally acceptable or possibly not, because they simply were absolutely warranted by their religious beliefs. As a brief principle, an ethical deed is one that makes certain that a fellow man or woman isn’t wounded, or conduct that gives help to societal and individual freedom, fairness and justice.

By comparison, an immoral action is considered one that will only trigger more problems than benefit and that’ll constrain individual freedom and liberty of thought and behavior. If we really wish to review the chronology of history, we could actually judge that a multitude of actions committed under the guise of faith or by religious people and groups only did injury. So possibly this arises from the lack of ability to apprehend the very notion of morality?

This could actually startle some women and men, but in contrast to what they feel, the Holy Bible just isn’t the suitable foundation of moral guidelines.

It’s overflowing with injustice, including but not fixed to forcing rape victims to marry their rapist, and wives who have to be obedient to their husbands or else suffer the results.

Probably the Holy Bible preaches love for your fellow man, but that is only if he or she possesses the exact same conviction. Otherwise, they shall be punished, tormented and persecuted as being different.

A multitude of actions carried out under the guise of religion have triggered contrary to what exactly is regarded as morally acceptable. Private liberty has been violated, injustice has actually been done, and there have most certainly been countless stories of inequality and injustice. All this resulting from a man-made religion and by reason of the strong notion that a hidden divinity is directing everything.

Several ancient writings written by disturbed humans have managed to turn into some of the most widely-known texts in history, and they’ve been announced and utilized as facts for generations. Valid morality will not start from the Holy Bible, but from watching what outcomes our actions have, and adjusting them to make sure that we will contribute to your more suitable society that engenders independence and equality.

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