3 Reasons Businesses Are Utilizing Cloud Hosting in Canada


When any business is looking to take the next step, how you store your information is a large part of that process. Thankfully, one of the most popular solutions for Canadians is cloud hosting. Canada is quickly becoming a favourite place for cloud hosting services to set up. The great weather (computers like to run cold), excellent infrastructure, and availability to eduacted and motivated personnel is putting Canada on the map for IT solutions. Cloud hosting is a large part of this exciting new phase in computing. Here’s 3 reasons businesses are utilizing Cloud hosting in Canada.

1. Save Money
Cloud hosting service providers can keep your bottom line that much lower by taking on the burden of IT. Hardware and software are provided in most cloud hosting services, meaning that the usual IT issues become someone else’s problem. Canadian companies have been looking for ways to reduce their IT budgets and cloud hosting offers a great solution through outsourcing. All of the IT headaches regarding software and hardware with your servers stops being your problem and becomes your cloud host’s responsibility. And, because they have a dedicated team working for all their clients, potential issues can be fixed elsewhere before they even get to you. Saving money is at the top of everyones to-do list when it comes to managing business resources and this is the main reason you’ll see industry leaders upgrading their networks and business operations to include the cost saving benefits of cloud services.

2. Protect Their Data
Because everything is in the cloud, stored in the cloud, and backed up through multiple redundancies across multiple computers, losing data with a cloud service provider is near impossible. Data is stored remotely in specialized data centres with back-up power supplies, keeping your precious work safe and easily accessible, which brings us to reason number 3.

3. Agility
Almost every cloud hosting service uses the internet for access, meaning you aren’t physically tied to a specific location to access your data and work. Instead, the cloud can be accessed wherever you can access the internet, making your team that much for useful. For a small startup, this means information can be accessed remotely anywhere you want to work, be it your home, office, or that coffee shop you really like. For larger companies, your separate teams can stay in touch and work together from anywhere, not just a single office or through a single dedicated server. This will help keep your teams in touch and working more collaboratively. And by doing that, your company can keep ahead of the curve and work together better from anywhere.

For businesses of really any size, the next step in their business can be cloud hosting. Canada is quickly becoming a favourite place for cloud hosting companies for many reasons, but most of these will see more reliable service for much less money. Rather than dealing with IT hassles that someone else can easily solve, consider switching to cloud hosting services. The access and abundant resources could save you money and launch you into the next phase of your business’ future.

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